Crypto Donations

I am a student currently pursuing his engineering bachelors. All these donations help me a lot for my studies. I live in India and the paypal transactional fees is too high here. So crypto helps me save those transactional fees.

Thank you for your donations.

Wallet Addresses

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin Address : 1BwDJsV1GkrdumLheMBKFPN4bopr1MhyBf

2. Ethereum

Ethereum Address : 0x5eD91602eD76C0CcBF9D1af93b3cDF94550C1B53

3. Binance Coin

BnB Address : bnb1kc9am3f8pqyh8yhz7g3sp2e0r0ra026q56zfuc

BnB Memo: 7045447

Thanks for Donating.

Adding more cryptos.....